With incredible protection against a variety of threats, StormX Burglary and Fire Safes provide an unmatched value in home and commercial security. Whether facing a professional burglary attack or a blazing fire, StormX Burglary and Fire safes will ensure your priceless valuables remain unharmed. StormX Burglary and Fire Safes utilize special fire resistant linings allowing them to carry a factory 30 minute fire rating. StormX Burglary and Fire Safes also provide a number of high security features such as a professional grade LaGard UL Group 2 combination lock. heavy duty 4 way boltwork (multiple 1 1/8″ diameter bolts and each side of the door), a heavy steel door (1/4″) and body (1/8″), and heavy duty hinges.

StormX Burglary and Fire safes are available in a range of interior volumes from 2.62 cubic feet to 5.54 cubic feet. All size also come equipped with interior shelves and a soft carpet lining to prevent scratching of your valuables. Safes are available in a stylish blue colour (BF2020, BF3020, BF4020) or black (BF926A).


  • LaGard UL Group 2 combination lock
  • 30 minute fire resistance
  • Heavy duty bolts and handle
  • Auxiliary Key Lock for Dual Custody on all Models
  • 4 Way Locking Bolts (Live)
  • 1″ bolt diameter
  • Includes sleek wooden shelves for storage convenience
  • Heavy steel walls with concrete lining make it very secure
  • Available in blue (BF2020, BF3020, BF4020) or black (BF926A)


Model Exterior Dimensions (in.) Interior Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs) Interior (ft³) Shelves Bolt Diameter (in.)
BF2020 20 20 20 18 18 14 150 2.62 1 1 1/8
BF3020 30 20 20 28 18 14 178 4.08 1 1 1/8
BF4020 40 20 20 38 18 14 242 5.54 3 1 1/8